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Areas of Expertise

Storytelling / Motivational Speaking

Elevate your event to new heights with a captivating speech that leaves a lasting impact on your audience. As a seasoned storyteller and motivational speaker with over 25 years of experience in business leadership, Bridget is dedicated to crafting a powerful message tailored to your event's unique goals and audience.

Whether you're hosting a seminar, retreat, presentation, workshop, or team meeting, Bridget's dynamic speaking style will engage, inspire, and motivate your attendees to action. Drawing on her expertise in storytelling, leadership, and personal growth, she will craft a speech that resonates with your audience on a deep level, leaving them feeling empowered and eager to apply her insights in their personal and professional lives.

With her engaging presence, commanding stage presence, and impeccable delivery, Bridget will help you create an event that stands out from the rest. Trust her to bring your message to life and create a memorable experience for your audience that they won't soon forget.

Story and Public Speaking Coaching

Do you have a story to tell but struggle with how to convey it effectively? Are you looking to improve your public speaking skills and connect with your audience on a deeper level? Look no further than Bridget, your trusted story coach and public speaking advisor.

With years of experience in storytelling and public speaking, Bridget is equipped to help you craft a compelling narrative and hone your speaking skills. Whether you're a professional speaker, business leader, or anyone seeking to improve your communication skills, Bridget can help you find your voice and tell your story with authenticity and impact.

As a story coach, Bridget will work with you to identify the key elements of your story and craft a narrative that resonates with your audience. She will provide you with the tools and guidance needed to communicate your message with clarity, conviction, and emotion.

As a public speaking advisor, Bridget will help you improve your delivery, stage presence, and body language, ensuring that you command the attention and respect of your audience. She will provide you with feedback, support, and practical tips to help you overcome nervousness, build confidence, and deliver a memorable speech.

With Bridget as your guide, you can take your storytelling and public speaking skills to the next level and achieve your goals with confidence and impact. Contact Bridget today to learn more about her story coaching and public speaking advisory services.

Team Building

Strengthen your team's bonds and enhance their skills with a unique team building workshop designed to promote collaboration, creativity, and effective communication. With Bridget's expert guidance, your team will embark on a storytelling journey that not only fosters team cohesiveness but also hones valuable business skills.

Gone are the days of boring trust falls and cliched team building exercises. Bridget's approach is fresh, innovative, and tailored to your team's unique needs and objectives. Through a series of interactive activities and exercises, your team will discover the power of storytelling in the business world and how to harness it to build stronger relationships with clients, colleagues, and stakeholders.

From developing a compelling business story to practicing active listening and constructive feedback, Bridget's team building workshop will equip your team with practical tools that can be applied in real-world scenarios. The result? A cohesive, motivated team that is better equipped to tackle challenges, meet goals, and achieve success. Contact Bridget today to schedule a team building workshop that will take your team to the next level.


Make your meetings more productive, engaging, and efficient with the help of a skilled facilitator who can guide your team towards achieving its goals. With years of experience in meeting facilitation, Bridget is equipped to handle all the tasks needed to ensure a successful outcome for your gathering or meeting.

As a seasoned facilitator, Bridget understands that effective meetings are about more than just sticking to the agenda. She sets the tone for the meeting, fosters a collaborative environment, and ensures that everyone has a chance to participate and contribute. Whether you need help with brainstorming, decision-making, conflict resolution, or team-building, Bridget has the expertise and tools to keep your meeting on track and productive.

By entrusting the facilitation of your meeting to Bridget, you can rest assured that every aspect of the meeting will be handled professionally and efficiently, leaving you and your team free to focus on the purpose and objectives of the meeting. Contact Bridget today to learn more about how she can help you achieve your meeting goals and facilitate a more effective and engaging meeting experience.



Bridget Flaherty is a passionate storyteller, mental health advocate, and entrepreneur. After spending 8 weeks in inpatient treatment to address suicidal ideation, she sold most of her possessions and embarked on a 30-day whirlwind trip across the country with her son, visiting 22 states. Finding her voice on stage as part of her personal healing journey, Bridget has since founded a storytelling business, LORE Storytelling, and hosted events in her hometown to help others share their stories.


Bridget is committed to addressing the silence and stigma surrounding mental health. Through her work with organizations and events, she actively gives voice to the healing journey, sharing her own struggles with mental health and highlighting the stories of others. She co-hosts women's conferences with KeAnna Daniels, and her podcast, Tears, Tides, and Transformation, offers a platform for women who have triumphed over tragedy to connect with one another. Her latest book, Be the Journey: 365 Daily Reflections, provides readers with a daily dose of healing through mantras, reflections, and actions.

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