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Bridget Flaherty

Storyteller, Motivational Speaker, Author, Podcast Host, Facilitator, and Coach
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I exist to fearlessly cultivate a healing, life-changing love that affirms, empowers, and liberates.


Areas of Expertise

Motivational Speaking, Facilitation, Team-Building, Panel Hosting, Story Coaching

I champion people's dreams, give voice to people's stories, and build tools and habits that sustain change.

With more than 25 years of business experience ranging from operational leadership, project management, business process improvement, business analysis, facilitation, writing, team building, and entrepreneurship, I bring a wealth of knowledge to every gig.


As an award wining storyteller, a professional public speaker, an effective interviewer, and an engaging podcast host, I bring passion to every project. 

I work with people who, through their work and/or personal lives, are seeking to improve themselves, their communities, and their world. I work with people who have big dreams, the desire to see them come true, and the drive to make it happen. I work with businesses that value the voices of their team members and who are seeking to have a positive impact both internally and externally.  


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PO Box 10666

Dayton, OH 45419

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